The Capital Tuition Group is a collective of experienced and highly
successful teachers with a track record of educational and exam success.

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Many parents seek tutoring to support the education of their children, particularly in the core subjects of science, maths and English. Choosing the right tutor is paramount. A tutor with high-level teaching skills acquired through professional training can forge with you a strong educational partnership and transform your child’s learning journey.

The Capital Tuition Group provides skilled pedagogical practitioners, teachers and professional tutors, ensuring your child receives the best tuition. Our tutors have trained at the top teacher training institutions in the UK and have gained the expertise that can increase confidence, enhance subject proficiency, and most crucially, raise grades.

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CTG is committed to providing top class tuition for students that is delivered by the real experts – teachers.  Our tutors are well versed in subject content, syllabi and curricula, explanation techniques, revision styles and most importantly, what it takes to boost grades.

Our Approach

Why choose Capital Tuition Group?

CTG provides a high level of personalisation.  The proficiency of our tutors enables them to quickly establish your child’s optimum learning style and will employ teaching techniques that compliment that learning style.

CTG has a select team of tutors whose skills and experience are the result of successful teaching careers.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance your child’s academic achievements in their chosen subjects and help them attain their academic potential.

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