Why are so many parents investing in private tuition?

The subject of education is often a contentious one. Whether it’s due to the government changing the curriculum or educational policies, the retention or quality of teachers, Ofsted, whether uniform should be worn, or homework should be set, everyone has an opinion. When it comes down to it, what do we really want for our young generation? Success! This drive for success, for reaching higher academic targets, for getting into top establishments is why so many parents invest in private tuition.

The Capital Tuition Group

The advantages of private tuition are numerous with the benefits certainly outweighing the cost. Private tuition is seemingly most beneficial to students in two categories:

Firstly, there are the students who are struggling with a specific subject. Notoriously challenging subjects at GCSE level include physics and maths and often English. The students may have difficulties with content, exam technique or simply that the jump from GCSE biology to A level is just enormous! With a private tutor, a student’s individual needs are met. Private tutors reinforce what has been taught in the classroom in a one-to-one situation, in turn boosting a student’s confidence which inevitably leads to achieving higher grades. It is often the case that a student’s understanding of subject and curriculum is clearer once it has been taught and explained in a different way, by a different teacher.

Secondly, there are the students who generally excel at school and who are competing for a space at a top school or university. These students often want to gain an advantage over their peer group and benefit from the extra input from expert teachers to push them above and beyond, to keep them in the running for those sought-after spaces.

At the Capital Tuition Group, we pride ourselves on having qualified teachers as tutors. We believe that a tutor – and indeed a teacher – should not only be an expert in their field but should also be trained and equipped with the latest teaching strategies and pedagogy. Our tutors – teachers – all have extensive practice in the classroom and with many hours of tutoring experience.  Our most in-demand subjects are English Literature and English Language GCSE, Biology GCSE, Chemistry GCSE, Physics GCSE, Maths GCSE. At Key Stage 5 the most popular subjects are Biology A level, Chemistry A level, Physics A level, Maths A level, Economics A level, Psychology A level. However, at the Capital Tuition Group we have tutors that can fulfil all your academic requirements.

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