Ryan S

The Capital Tuition Group


Ryan S completed his Matric certificate in South Africa in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science in 2001.  After a gap year Ryan started his B.Sc in Computational Physics at the University of Natal, South Africa.  He completed a research project on computer modelling crystalline structures and graduated with Honours.  During his time at university Ryan discovered his love for rowing and started working as a coach at a top independent boys’ school. He became aware of his skills and passion for teaching and began tutoring some of the students in Maths and Science. 

Upon completing his degree Ryan was offered a scholarship to study a PGCE.  With his PGCE completed, with glowing reports, Ryan left South Africa for London to begin his teaching career.  He worked as a Mathematics teacher for two and a half years and then changed specialism to Physics which he has been teaching for the past 5 years.  Ryan has a wide range of experience.  He worked in a struggling academy and was integral in elevating the students’ performance which directly contributed to the school moving out of ‘special measures’.  He has taught in a Grammar school where he dextrously extended the students’ interests beyond the confines of the curriculum.  Ryan has also worked in large state comprehensives and a faith school. 

Ryan has achieved acclaim as a teacher who demystifies the world of Physics and his students cannot help but find an innate enthusiasm for the subject.  He is currently Key Stage 4 Coordinator at his current school and is abreast of the complex changes that are occurring to the National Curriculum and is all too aware of the new pressures being placed on students.  He also has over 3 years’ experience of tutoring at GSCE and A level both with much success.