Liam S


Liam S is an English Graduate (BA Hons) from the University of London, Queen Mary and has now been teaching for his third consecutive year in an academy school that has been graded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Liam’s role in school is to work with either individuals or small groups to help the pupils to surpass their target grades, by providing them with strategies to enhance their exam performance.

Liam has the ability to adapt his teaching style to suit his students. He is supportive, patient and persistently encouraging. Liam is skilled at instilling into his students a confidence based on raising their ability in English. He develops a plan for literacy skill development, provides course materials and teaching aids, which, in turn, sees rewards as the students’ grades rise! Most recently, Liam has assisted a student to improve from an E to a C grade and from a C to an A* grade.