Our testimonials



Matthew and Capital Tuition Group have been a wonderful resource for our family.  CTG have wonderful tutors that not only teach well, but fit all sorts of personalities and age groups.  More than that though, Matthew’s personal interest in all his clients and his experience in matching tutors with students made the whole process of having extra ‘work’ a joy rather than a chore.  I have recommended CTG to lots of my friends and I know they are very happy.

Parent, Putney

After an initial consultation with Matthew Curnier, my son really managed to get a good working relationship with Abdul, who managed to transform textbook data and theory  into a rounded understanding of how to fit it all into a solid essay framework, securing my son a very solid A and hopefully and happy and fruitful life at Nottingham University.

Colin, Tooting

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Capital Tuition Group to anyone who may be in need of their services.  My son who, has just taken his GCSEs, needed help and a great confidence boost in his ability in physics and maths.  Were it not for the very professional, dedicated and individually tailored assistance he received, we doubt very much that he would have achieved such high GCSE grades.  All tutoring came with a heavy dose of real enthusiasm and laughter which as far as we were concerned was a wonderful bonus.  If we ever have need of further tutoring we wouldn’t look anywhere else.

Parent, Putney

Matthew was such a find: He had been very helpful to some friends of ours who kindly recommended him to us. He somehow manages to make even the driest subjects come to life and the results we’ve seen him achieve speak volumes for his talent, experience and….dare I say it…….staying power! For anyone looking for a “super” tutor, with a human side, look no further. You’ve found him! Thank you for all your help Matthew. One more year to go! Your help has been very much appreciated.

Adriana, Putney

I have extremely happy with Capital Tuition Group from start to finish. My initial enquiry was listened to carefully, considering all my requirements carefully, resulting in a perfect tutor/student match. My 18 year old son, who was reluctant to have extra history lessons, looked forward to his time with the tutor. She understood how to deal with the situation very well, and the approach to teaching was completely engaging, and thorough. I would highly recommend the service CTG provides.

Jane, London

We had a fantastic experience with our tutor, who was always upbeat and encouraging and helped my son believe in himself. I really do think that it made a difference to his final grades in English – thank you.

Rachel, Hampstead

My daughter had the good fortune of being tutored by Lakhvir for her A level Chemistry. Lakhvir was thorough approachable and kind and reliable. My daughter found her to be a great teacher.

Joanna, Barnes

“Capital tutoring provided excellent tutoring for my son, the benefit to him was enormous. The fact that the tutors where in teaching gave the sessions the depth and detail that made all the difference. I would highly recommend Capital Tutoring group to any parent.”

Duncan, Putney

Andrew turns up on time, comes prepared with relevant materials, reviews my daughter’s essays before the session which he discusses with her, links the material to previous sessions and meets my daughter’s criteria 100% He has given her some confidence in her abilities and knowledge to date. Thank you

Hazel,  Balham

My son says five stars – excellent knowledge (a ‘beast’ at chemistry were his exact words) and able to convey complex issues in a way that makes them understandable. He is always upbeat and very professional.

Alison, Clapham

Fred goes the extra mile to try and help his students. He has been very helpful to both my daughter who is studying A level Maths and my son who is studying 2nd year mechanical engineering. He is punctual, patient and unflappable. I highly recommend him.

Christine, Wimbledon

Excellent ! Fanta turns up on time and enters the house speaking French!! She then gets straight down to the lesson. Highly recommended. 5 stars!

Sophie, SW London

[Our tutor] is brilliant! I couldn’t have designed a better tutor for my daughter. She really connects on her level, engages and ignites a bit of passion. My daughter has been so inspired since the first session. Thank you!

Jennifer, Wandsworth

Matthew Curnier of Capital Tuition Group was incredibly attentive, very thoughtful and identified a variety of suitable tutors to fulfil our requirements, who all combined to offer different characteristics, resulting in a rounded training. He was extremely responsive and very caring and paid a lot of attention to detail. He really went the extra mile. I would not hesitate to recommend Capital Tuition Group.

Linda, Primrose Hill

5 stars for our French tutor. Prompt. Fun. Patient. Inventive and attentive. No time pressure. Good expectations. Encouraging. Good explanations.

Karen, Wimbledon

Andrea established a great rapport with my son and has a thorough understanding of the GCSE and A Level requirements. Andrea quickly ascertained my son’s current level and writing capacity and created a strong vision and structure to support him moving to the next level.

Eileen, Battersea

Lotis is most probably the best tutor we have ever had for our children. She is smart, soft spoken and brilliant at making our daughter think and come out with the right answer. She also is a lovely person, enthusiastic and extremely polite.

Caroline, Westminster

Sarah has been a huge help to my daughter. She is extremely patient and is able to explain tricky concepts in such a way that it makes sense and is easy to remember! She really enjoys her lessons and has noticeably grown in confidence since she has been having lessons with Sarah. Thank you!

Vania, Kingston

Matthew is utterly tremendous. As a qualified teacher, he has really boosted my daughter’s confidence in science, particularly Chemistry. He bends over backwards for us and he nothing short of a God-send!

Dawn, Putney

Excellent English teacher who plans work carefully and is highly professional, knowledgeable, thoughtful and responsive. Helen carefully judges the needs of the student and pitches her teaching accordingly to build up confidence as well as skill set to attain the required standard.

Belinda, St John’s Wood

We’re breathing a collective sigh of relief and gratitude in our family at having been sent Claire, who looks as if she will sort out the girls’ issues and is charming and delightful at the same time. Thank you, Capital Tuition Group!

Susanna, Wimbledon

Natasha has been brilliant with my daughter. She is honest, inspiring and thoughtful. Natasha has prepared the sessions really well and has formed a really good relationship with my daughter.

Helen, Balham

CTG has arranged excellent and reliable Biology tuition for my daughter for the past 2 years. The weekly one-to-one sessions with a friendly, approachable and endlessly patient tutor really enabled her to keep on top of this difficult A level and motivated her to believe in herself to achieve a great result at the end. I have no hesitation in recommending them to others. Thank you so much.

Kate, Richmond

Capital Tuition Group tutors have boosted my daughter’s confidence and helped her get the grades she needed to gain a place at her desired University.  The tutors had a great deal of experience in preparing my daughter for her A-level exams.  Tutors are very reliable, pleasant, approachable and extremely organised.

Mamit, Hammersmith

Outstanding! Just the right balance with very clear teaching and structured approach that helped identify points of weakness and clarify them.  Really helped improve confidence and felt very prepared for the exams.  My daughter was attaining C grades for maths and with the help of her maths tutor gained an A grade in the summer exams.

Liz, High Street Kensington

Really happy with the support that our tutor Georgie gave our son in the run up to his GCSEs.  The additional revision sessions and focus on exam technique meant that he got a full set of As across all the sciences.  A superb result and we will no doubt be back for more as he embarks on his A level courses.

Sarah, Putney

I used Matthew and Capital Tuition Group to arrange tutors with great success for my son’s GCSEs.  Matthew has a range of amazing and inspirational tutors to introduce. I could see that the sessions were more than ‘duty’, they were both fun and mentally stimulating – and they worked! I would also say that the one-on-one focus was exceptionally helpful in making everything more concrete. Matthew himself was very caring, attentive and flexible.  I would highly recommend CTG on every level.

Parent, Putney

CTG is a great way to find tutors. It was really easy to find a physics and English teacher for my son’s GCSEs. The customer service is exceptionally helpful, and I’d like to give a special thanks to Matthew who made it possible to find these amazing tutors. Also, I want to give a big thanks to Franklin and Liam who are very professional and it’s only due to them that my son got very great grades.

Irina, Morden

CTG was a late discovery for our son but one that managed to fulfil his potential in both Geography and Psychology with an A and B respectively at A level.  The whole experience boosted his ability and confidence with his chosen subjects. The tutors they arranged were reliable, enthusiastic and committed to my son realising his goals.  I highly recommend CTG to all who might only be considering their services.

Gavin, Balham

I would highly recommend the Capital Tuition Group. My daughter has been lucky enough to be taught maths by Ed. Ed has a wonderful, gentle, efficient manner with teaching my daughter GCSE maths. Her confidence and understanding has significantly improved and scored an A* in her exams. But more importantly she now enjoys maths. Thankyou Ed!

Sarah, Westbourne Park

I cannot recommend Capital Tuition Group highly enough.  Both my children have benefitted enormously from not only the academic tutoring, which has dramatically raised their grades, but also from the one-to-one time spent with young, enthusiastic and very competent and capable tutors which has transformed the learning process for both of them.

Poppy, Putney

We hired some tutors through the Capital Tuition Group, firstly to tutor my 18-year-old daughter through her Biology A Level and also for my younger daughter for her GCSE English. We find them to be highly experienced tutors and an utter pleasure to work with. Our tutors are energetic, passionate about tutoring and finding the way to best connect with each student.  They make learning fun and are committed, highly professional, enthusiastic about every aspect of their subjects. We highly recommend CTG to any student.

Caroline, Fulham

I would like to say how delighted we were with my youngest son’s English tutor, Sarah, who managed to turn his predicted B and C in English into two A*’s. She was lovely, enthusiastic and all-round amazing and had him totally engaged with English.

Wendy, Wimbledon

CTG you have done REALLY well – again! Our new tutor came on Tuesday.  What a lovely man.  I heard bits of the lesson which seemed very engaging for my son – and his assessment of the situation was very astute.  So that is great. And our Science tutor is amazing!  Such a great guy as well.  So unassuming and so intelligent!  And my son really likes him as well. So we seem set!  Which is great, thank you.

Lael, Putney



Thanks a lot for all your help with finding me really wonderful tutors. I’m really happy to have gotten into Newcastle University and the help in English and Biology really helped tremendously.  My tutors through the Capital Tuition Group really provided the support and encouragement I needed to reach my full potential in my A level subjects.

Aida, Parsons Green

Before I contacted the Capital Tuition Group I was on a borderline D grade for psychology and I had given up hope of ever passing psychology.  I’m so thankful I did contact CTG because, with the help of the tutor, I was not only able to achieve an A* but I now have the confidence to aim higher and actually achieve higher!

Fatin, Chelsea

Capital Tuition Group have been fantastic, they work incredibly flexible hours and work with every level of understanding.  My physics tutor really improved my confidence in the subject and my maths tutor helped me enormously.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.  I got an A for maths and physics at AS!

Nick, Wimbledon

My tutor from the Capital Tuition Group understood the syllabus very well, explained the subject so clearly and gave me a clear plan for my revision.  He was genuinely interested in my learning and helped me gain confidence in the subject.  I achieved so well! Thank you!

Millie, Putney

I was predicted Ds and Cs for most of my GCSEs.  I was lacking in motivation and had all but written the exams off when we decided to get tutors for my worst subjects; the sciences.  Capital Tuition Group arranged tutors (all qualified teachers) who each, in their first session, broke down the material to cover into manageable bits and fit it into the timeframe.  I got two As and a B!  We’ve been really pleased with the whole experience.

Ben, Richmond

My time with Capital Tuition Group saved me in my exams.  I was initially running at a level 3 for English but the tuition helped me achieve a level 7.  Similarly, in science, I was a grade D but reached a B with the help of some fab tutors from Capital Tuition Group.  I really owe a great deal to them!

Fergus, Putney

Matthew made learning fun and gave me lots of confidence. He helped me to visualise the different subjects within my Biology A-Level and was really good at explaining things and making sure I understood them properly. He is a great tutor and I was very lucky to have him help me over so many months. I really recommend him and he made me laugh which is good! The whole family wished they were being tutored by Matthew and we all really miss him!

Jess, Fulham

I found working with Capital Tuition Group very comfortable with both the tutors I had as well as their availability.  They helped me to get through my GCSEs with great marks and I’m really pleased that I found them! Thanks so much guys!

Ella, Putney

The Capital Tuition Group has been key to my academic success. Having had a number of their tutors through my GCSEs and A Levels, I can say that they are all quality tutors for various reasons. All their tutors are friendly and so easy to get along with, allowing the sessions to be more enjoyable me. CTG has been a great service in all aspects; my results were better than I thought they could have been because of the tuition I received. I would highly recommend CTG to anyone needing extra help.

Adam, Wimbledon