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Easter holiday revision tips

With the Easter holidays finally her and just under two months before the GCSE and A Level exams kick off, the simmering of exam pressure is about to reach boiling point for many students. We know that this can be a time of stress, of heightened emotions, of rebellion or of burn- out but there is some… Read more »

Where are all our teachers going?

The state of our education system in England, as it stands, is a mess. Well, at least it is in my opinion. Having been part of the state system for the best part of a decade, I have seen amazing, outstanding teachers come into the profession only to last three to five years (if they… Read more »

Why are so many parents investing in private tuition?

The subject of education is often a contentious one. Whether it’s due to the government changing the curriculum or educational policies, the retention or quality of teachers, Ofsted, whether uniform should be worn, or homework should be set, everyone has an opinion. When it comes down to it, what do we really want for our… Read more »